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Published:October 29th, 2011 10:33 EST

Herman Cain's Smoking Ad Boring! John Huntsman's Daughters Ad Smoking Hot!

By Robert Paul Reyes

By this time even old folks who don`t know the Internet from a CB radio have seen Herman Cain`s disturbing and odd smoking ad. Dozens of parodies of this commercial have been posted on YouTube for your entertainment, but the one released by John Huntsman`s drop-dead gorgeous daughters is head and shoulders above the rest.


Huntsman has seven children, if all of them vote for him he has a good chance of winning the presidency. Three of his 20-something daughters star in the spoof video -- they are smoking hot and smoking hot trumps a craggy-faced middle-aged man smoking a cigarette.

Even the dorky glasses and the ridiculously fake mustaches that the young ladies wear doesn`t detract from their beauty.The girls are so hot that if John Huntsman were a pauper instead of a gazillionaire I would offer to adopt them. In the video the hotties are more modestly dressed than a 90-year-old granny, but they still exude charisma and s(e)x appeal.

John Huntsman is a bore, and I could care less if you vote for him, but for goodness sake watch this video.

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