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Published:October 30th, 2011 14:18 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Ellen Jaffe Jones, 'THE VEG COACH'

Judyth Piazza interviews Ellen Jaffe Jones, 'THE VEG COACH'

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

At 58, Ellen Jaffe Jones is "THE VEG COACH." She is a personal trainer, running coach, author, and teaches healthy cooking classes designed by respected doctors and registered dieticians.

Ellen is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America and is also a Certified Coach with The Road Runners Club of America! RRCA is the premier national organization dedicated to promoting the development and growth of running throughout the country including those that walk because they are unable to run. Ellen is also the assistant coach for the Manatee High School Girls` Cross Country & Track Team. Please contact us for fitness/running/walking programs designed for your needs.

Ellen is incredibly healthy, with the heart of a 21 year-old, according to one of her doctors. He proclaimed, "maybe that diet and exercise is paying off." She runs 8 minute miles (same as when she was 28), often places in her age group at local 5K races, and can hold a 6 minute plank position. After that recent feat, she was asked to be the assistant coach for the Manatee High School Girls` Cross Country & Track Team in Bradenton, FL. Ellen`s life has been an experiment to beat the odds.

Ellen was a popular TV investigative reporter and anchor for 18 years in Miami and St. Louis. While taking six years off to be a stay-at-home-mom, she became an accredited leader and trainer with the breastfeeding information and support group, La Leche League International. Respected doctors told her in order to suppress estrogen (linked to breast cancer growth), she needed to "stay pregnant and breastfeed as long as you can to protect yourself."

Many have sought her expertise in modeling a healthy lifestyle. She became known as the Earth Mother in a Suit. Her public speaking ability, humor, easy tips, motivational ideas, and stark reality, make her an inspirational keynote. One to "save the proof," complete with PowerPoint visuals, she becomes an open book as she reveals her own 20 years of personal medical records and history. In black and white test results, she documents a lifestyle that clearly shows when she was being "naughty" or "good." Years of medical records show when the high protein diets didn`t work, and when the plant-based diets sent cholesterol levels way below the national average.

Dozens of articles have been written about Ellen over the years. Most mention her passion and dedication to a healthy lifestyle, and her unusual ability to overcome obstacles. She`s lost weight and improved fitness with simple, time-tested programs. Whether you are interested in weight loss or ramping up fitness, or both, Ellen is full of positive motivation to keep you on track. She has spoken to many hundreds of people in diverse sectors on these topics.

Since age 5, when Ellen`s aunt died from cancer literally in front of her and with a long family history of breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes; Ellen has been thinking how to live her life differently. She used her investigative reporter`s skills to do the reporting job on discovering her own personal truth on what lifestyle could help her beat the odds. This early impressionable, childhood memory has fueled a lifetime quest of digging behind the headlines to discover the real story.

Research, she found, is often funded by specialized interest groups and corporations who have everything to gain by promoting their products. Ellen`s reporter`s "righteous indignation" about the lack of promotion of healthful eating causes her to introduce herself often to doctors as the "broccoli rep." She was amazed to find that doctors rarely had classes in nutrition.

Her journey has not always been smooth. She has read and tried almost every diet known to humankind ... the same 25 pounds or more she lost and gained again triple-fold. She owns a huge diet and recipe book collection that exceeds local libraries. She can save you tremendous amounts of time by recommending her favorite books and plans from her journey. Ellen`s journey is primarily self-taught.

Ellen has also experienced enough personal stress to send the average person off the proverbial cliff, or at least to a life of emotional binge-eating and chocolate layer cakes.

Is her good health simply good genes, good fortune and good luck? Even genes take a trigger. A life of hard work and research trying to beating the odds may just do that ... beat the odds. This is not medical advice. To be perfectly clear, she is not a doctor, dietician, nutritionist or nurse. She offers her experience and research only to help you, hoping you can benefit from it.

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