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Published:October 30th, 2011 12:23 EST

Nightmare Halloween At White House: Barack And Michelle Obama Hand Out Dried Fruit

By Robert Paul Reyes

On Saturday children from Washington, Virginia and Maryland were invited to the White House for Halloween, and President Obama and his wife gave them goodies including candy, cookies and dried fruit.


Only a Commie, a misanthrope or a demented person would hand out dried fruit to children on Halloween. When I was a young punk I would take at least a couple of eggs with me when I went trick-or-treating, and if a homeowner had the nerve to give me a box of raisins or an apple, his house would get egged.

I`m sure the kids were searched for bombs and guns, but were they searched for eggs? Those little brats must have been furious that they got dried fruit for Halloween. The Rose Garden must have been littered with dried fruit.

It`s a good thing children can`t vote, because there`s no way in hell they would vote for Obama.

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