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Published:October 31st, 2011 15:35 EST

Furball The Cat Spends 5 Terrifying Days In Tree Before Being Rescued

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Portsmouth, Va., family`s cat was finally rescued after spending five days stuck in a pine tree 40 feet off the ground.

The Portsmouth Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services tried several times Friday to get Furball Whiskers out of the tree he climbed up after being chased by neighborhood dogs."



Firefighters were unable to rescue the frightened feline, power lines were in the way.

It must have been a nightmare for the family, knowing their kitty was scared, hungry and in danger of falling down.

Finally the desperate family called a Tree Services company, and Mitchell MacCartney of Pro Tree Care was able to rescue Furball.

The owner, Faith Martins, better keep a close watch on Furball, I`m afraid that he may have used up most of his nine lives during his ordeal.

This story has several heroes, the firefighters are heroes because they drove by the house several times, hoping that the silly cat would climb down below the power lines so they could attempt a rescue. The tree services employee is the knight in shining armor who saved the cat. Faith is also a hero, she would not give up until her beloved Furball was rescued.

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