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Published:October 31st, 2011 15:01 EST

Religious Nuts Ruining Halloween: Plan On Giving Trick-or-Treaters Religious Tracts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The American Tract Society based in Garland, Texas, called on homeowners to use Halloween as an opportunity to teach children about Jesus.

The ATS said Christian homeowners can use the holiday to promote their religion among trick-or-treaters by slipping tracts, including `Peek-A-Boo: Jesus Loves You,` which warns youngsters that `the Bible says the wages of Sin is death,` in with their candy."



If a homeowner gives trick-or-treaters fruit and a religious tract, I can guarantee that home will be egged, and possibly set on fire. However if a homeowner gives kids lots of candy and a religious tract, there might be a slight chance that the kids will be responsive to the message.

On a more serious note it`s wrong for adults to hand out political or religious propaganda to children. It`s the responsibility of parents, not strangers, to instill moral values in their children. The typical parent would be outraged if a neighbor gave his son or daughter a religious tract that ran counter to his own belief system.

It`s insane to give a child a religious pamphlet with the message "The wages of sin is death,", that kind of religious talk is gibberish to youngsters.

Whether its a religious tract with the message "Peek-A-Boo: Jesus Love You" or "Allah says kill an infidel or you will go to hell" let`s keep Halloween free of religion.

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