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Published:November 1st, 2011 11:16 EST
The Road to a Better Life and a Successful Future!

The Road to a Better Life and a Successful Future!

By Tom Ski

Readers, this writer has introduced you to a myriad of  people, bands, music, movies, books, companies and more, but I can honestly say that I have NEVER had the sheer pleasure of introducing anyone more than this next man and his brilliant company.     

Innovative and unique are adjectives that can not be in play for many.  In fact, as time goes forward, innovative and unique are hardly used at all anymore.  But with Robert Wilson - a man who used his skills, talents, and unbelievable intelligence and creativity to put together a  motivational system - he found a way to call out to  hearts, minds, and souls everywhere and led them to that  `almighty dollar` and that success that they always wanted to achieve.  Unique and innovative are literally the ONLY two words in the English language that sum this man up.   

In this introductory article, I am going to give you a brief overview of what Robert Wilson stands for, and how he became the monumental mind that he became.  His background is a story of pure heart - which makes it completely understandable why he went forward in life with a heart as large as he owns.   

His parents instilled something that really should be instilled in every youth in this day and age - a work ethic.  Robert Wilson grew up in a place where hard work, sweat and determination were traits you HAD to have.  In South Dakota, being part of his uncle`s farm and ranch operation, Robert Wilson began life in the hardest field imaginable.  Then, he worked in the oil fields of Wyoming, became a journeyman electrician in Seattle (even becoming a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), and then on to Portland, Oregon "where something happened.  Where Robert Wilson became the man who would change lives, beginning with his own.   

Robert Wilson came upon a crosswords; he was a little upset and tired of the direction his life was headed.  Making alterations in his own make-up, he left the negativity behind and opened up his mind to influential thinking and creativity, and saw how perfectly his power of decision-making could be.   

A home-based business was begun, and Robert Wilson found himself surrounded and engaged with new groups of people who had a completely different mind-set.  He began to listen to people talk on training calls, hearing about the different books they were reading, and found himself engrossed in the world of motivational thoughts and programs on cassette tapes and CD`s. A part of this exploration into the mind came from sleep-learning, which is a way of learning by listening to tapes while your mind is in a state of calm and peace. As his own personal growth expanded, he discovered a very important life lesson that others are in dire search of discovering in their own lives - he learned that he had to allow himself to change in order to enhance his life.    

Suffice to say, he was not only correct in opening his mind and allowing himself to learn life`s lessons, but he became a true pioneer in the industry.  He is now a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Coach and motivational speaker, generating, facilitating, and illuminating life`s possibilities in all people.  He has become a powerful mentor and has received the respect and admiration of many, by allowing others who are completely held back by negativity, financial matters, the news, war, politics, etc., to be able to release the bad and accept the good - actually changing their lives in the process.   

As a writer, and a person who leans toward the  `pessimistic` side at times, I was truly amazed when I first met Robert Wilson and began to read his motivational articles and his outstanding books.  This man DOES have the power to bring goodness, possibility, and hope into minds that seem to have none left to give; minds that are basically sleep-walking through their lives.  The appreciation and the gratitude that must go out to Robert Wilson is incredible - this is a man who knows the correct path for YOU to ensure that YOUR life is a true gift and revelation - NOT just a day-to-day grind where the only thing you`re hoping for is that your company pension will still be active when you retire.   

If you are someone who needs credentials, Robert Wilson has a list!  From being a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach; Certified Professional Life Coach; NLP Practitioner; Clinical Hypnotherapist; Time Line Success Coach; Regression Specialist to Reiki Master - Robert Wilson has done it all.   

From offering enlightenment, where he can assist in all realms such as, spiritual, financial, emotional, and life-altering techniques, he has found a way to bring life back to the zombies that the  `real` world has come to create.  There is such a thing as limited-thinking  that puts each and every one of us into a rut, and the only way out is to open our minds, LISTEN, and HEAR what Robert Wilson has to say.  Then, and only then, can we reach our own crossroads and find the path we truly need to walk down.   

Cowboy Wisdom has become an essential part of people`s lives.  You have to really ask yourself what you want from your life.  Do you want to increase cash flow?  Learn how to manage your time? Stop condemning and criticizing others and yourself?  Do you want to SEE what your life purpose really is, and quit living from paycheck to paycheck out of fear?     

Well Robert Wilson, with Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, offers the complete package in order to make all of the above happen in your life.  And it`s no gimmick or sales tool - this man is a true visionary, and has the ability and skill to unlock the blocks in your mind and the blocks you have put on your creativity and inventiveness.  You don`t have to give away your passion, desires, and dreams - because they`re not just dreams!  Unless you are looking to be the Queen of England, every single one of your dreams is absolutely possible maybe even the Queen thing, if all went well.  Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching unbinds your mind, allowing you to stop over-analyzing things and let your life, vitality and passion return!   

Cowboy = Common sense, savvy, and fundamental life know-how.  Wisdom = My Inner Lore that provides you with a saddle to ride through your journey of growth in all facets of your life.  Wisdom and common sense!  Think about that!  Common sense has become a disappearing gift and it needs to come back!  Not knocking education, here, but without common sense, things simply do NOT work.   

Over the next few months we are going to open up the world of Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching and the amazing list of things that Robert Wilson does on a daily basis.  From his many companies like, Be Wisdom Publishing, which is a unique publisher looking for the nonfiction author to shine; to the books, motivational speaking, Cowboy Wisdom radio program, private coaching, group coaching, teleclasses, hypnosis tapes and motivational articles - ALL that Robert Wilson encompasses will be brought into your lives.   

It is time to take the reins of your own life, and with this spectacular human being - through his kind and intelligent approach to life and all that life has to offer - you can!   

I must say the wisdom of a cowboy is the greatest gift one could possibly receive!  Stay tuned!   

Until Next Time, Everybody.   

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