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Published:November 1st, 2011 12:11 EST

Two Teen Girls Go Joyriding In Shopping Cart, End Up Stuck, Call Cops!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two teenage girls were joy riding in a shopping cart in Sweden when they found themselves stuck -- both in the cart and in the middle of nowhere, police said."


Joyriding in a shopping cart? That`s just wrong, really really wrong!


The two Einsteins where in a remote part of the town when they spotted the shopping cart and made the fateful decision to climb inside. Two toddlers in a shopping cart is cute and adorable, two teen girls in a shopping cart is sick and twisted.

Cops have seen just about everything under the sun, but I bet they thought it was a prank when the teen girls called for help. I wonder how long it took the girls to place the call to the police? If I got stuck in a shopping cart, I would be too embarrassed to call 911, I would just wait until I lost enough pounds to free myself.

Maybe the girls were more than just friends, why would they choose to be stuffed next to each other in a shopping cart?

Maybe next time they should rent a room!

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