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Published:November 2nd, 2011 16:44 EST
Youth of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, A Movement (YJKL)

Youth of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, A Movement (YJKL)

By SOP newswire2

Today in continuation with the ongoing fight against new recruitment policy of State Govt., students of various colleges protested on the call given by "Youth of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, A Movement (YJKL)" launched to revoke this. Early in this morning students in the G.G.M Science College held peaceful protest under the banner of YJKL which was led by Raghav Sharma president of the college which soon turned violent after police cane charged the students. Students also blocked the vehicular movements on the road; several students were injured during which Raghav was taken by police.

Similar protest was also held in the M.A.M College under the banner of YJKL in which hundreds of students of the college participated which was led by Nasib Ali, Prithvi Raj, Jeet Singh, Babar, then they blocked the main road in front of Jammu university. Scuffle held between protesters and the police in which several students get injuries. Road was blocked for 3 hours and there was no vehicular movement on the road.

Addressing the protesters chairman of the forum Suresh Ajay Magotra said that today we are observing November 1st as black day on which this policy was implemented and we are protesting against this black policy and tying black ribbons on the forehead and also show our anger against this policy. He also said that Govt. is underestimating patience of the youth of the state. He appealed to student`s community of various institutions, unemployed youth and the common masses to come out of their nest and fight against this injustice forced by Congress-NC coalition government of the state. He further appealed to the people of state to get united and do not allow some govt. agencies to suppress this movement by disintegrating the people of all the three regions. Adding to his speech he also said that YJKL is working on one point agenda that is to revoke this policy by uniting youth of the entire three regions and also condemned the cane charge on students by police.

YJKL is organizing a seminar on this new recruitment policy and YJKL appealed to the students to participate in this seminar and support this movement. Thereafter members of working committee of YJKL went to police post and released the arrested students. Prominently who speak on the occasion Jeet Singh, Rahul Vaid, Puneet Singh, Simran Singh, Deepak Singh, Enamul, Monjot Singh, and Sunny Sangotra.