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Published:November 4th, 2011 13:07 EST

Herman Cain's Wife, Gloria Cain, Isn't Standing By Her Man!

By Robert Paul Reyes

We are all familiar with the familiar scene: A politician embroiled in a scandal makes a statement to the press with his wife at his side.

Herman Cain has yet to appear before the media with his wife, Gloria Cain, standing by his side. We should all be grateful that she hasn`t, it`s a demeaning and humiliating role for a political spouse to play.


But why hasn`t Gloria Cain released a statement or granted an interview defending her husband? She has been absent from the campaign trail as her husband hawks his books and delivers stump speeches, but now would be a good time for her to come out of the shadows and support her husband.

The fact that Cain`s wife hasn`t made a public statement in support of her husband speaks volumes. Cain`s supporters are fools for standing by the disgraced presidential candidate, when his own wife hasn`t said one public word in his defense.

Cain has humiliated his wife, besmirched his reputation and let down his supporters. Cain should do the honorable thing, and quit the presidential race.

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