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Published:November 5th, 2011 11:02 EST

Andy Rooney, You Old Curmudgeon, We Will Miss You!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Every family has a curmudgeonly uncle or grandfather who complains about important things like taxes and wars, as well as mundane things like the weather and the price of toilet paper.
Curmudgeons are never universally embraced, but they serve an important function: They are a release for our free-floating anxiety.

rooneyAndy Rooney didn`t make much sense half of the time, but I always felt better after I listened to him vent. I`ll take the likes of Rooney over a dozen blow-dried talking heads.

Life isn`t a bowl of cherries, it`s a a bowl of stones with maybe one or two cherries. We need a curmudgeon to point out that life sucks, a hell of a lot more than we need a moron who tells us that life is beautiful.

Rooney will be missed by the American public; his eyebrows should be immediately sent to the Smithsonian Museum. As for the rest of Rooney, he`s probably in heaven complaining that the angels playing on harps should shut the hell up.

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