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Published:November 5th, 2011 12:05 EST

Baba Suwe, Famous Nigerian Comic, Suspected Of Smuggling Cocaine In His Stomach

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Nigerian comedian arrested on suspicion of smuggling drugs in his stomach will be released on bail on Friday after drug enforcement agents failed to find anything inside him following an exhaustive search of his excretions, his lawyer told Reuters."



Babatunde Omidina, better known by his stage name Baba Suwe, was arrested at the Lagos Airport when an airport scanner discovered what appeared to be bags of cocaine in his stomach.

After three weeks and 18 bowel movements (only a bureaucrat would count bowel movements), authorities failed to find any cocaine. Baba is somewhat famous in his country, imagine if the same thing happened to an American comic like Katt Williams. TMZ and E! would cover every one of Katt`s visit to the restroom. As the entertainment media waits for Katt to emerge from the toilet, there would be as much anticipation as when the press is waiting to see if there`s smoke signaling the selection of a new Pope. Katt likes to push the envelope, he would probably swallow a bottle of Milk of Magnesia every day to make the cops` job even more nauseating. I hope nobody is eating a meal while reading this article.

Baba has survived his humiliating ordeal with his sense of humor intact. Even though Baba has become the butt of jokes, this incident has provided him with a crap load of material.

After what Baba has gone through, I hope he becomes as successful as Katt Williams.

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