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Published:November 6th, 2011 10:38 EST

Pop Tart Snooki Hawks 'Flirty' Perfume

By Robert Paul Reyes

Snooki is the most famous reality star in the world, but the pop tart is also seeking to conquer the literary and business worlds.

In the last couple of years the pop diva has written two novels and her autobiography. Snooki writes books faster than Scott Toilet Paper makes toilet paper.


The gifted thespian, and talented novelist is a genius at marketing, she sells shoes, clothes and dozens of other products that bear her name.

The latest product to bear Snooki`s name is a perfume titled "Snooki by Nicole Polizzi."  The fragrance is packaged in a gaudy bottle that would make a drag queen blush.

Snooki says the perfume is sweet and flirty, just like her. I would call Snooki many things, none of which I can write in a family-friendly Web site, but I would never call her "flirty." When Snooki wears a mini-skirt, sans undergarments, to a night club, and makes a game of how many times she can expose her nether regions, I would say that goes beyond "flirty."

I`m sure Snooki`s gaudy perfume will be a huge hit, just like her tacky reality show and her low-brow books.

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