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Published:November 7th, 2011 10:46 EST
To Earn Your College Degree You Need Two Things

To Earn Your College Degree You Need Two Things

By Tom Ski

Americans now owe more that $875 billion on student loans - which is more than the total amount Americans owe on their credit cards.   

Not a great fact to start out with but, unfortunately, it is a fact. Mission Tuition is a company we have been speaking about that has gone from offering a  `promising` answer to saving for your child`s education - to THE answer.  Being able to save money in a simple, practical, stress-free method is what Mission Tuition has brought to the U.S.  They have also provided a way for parents to no longer worry about having to one day take from their own retirement accounts in order to get their child an education!   

A college degree has long been considered Willy Wonka`s Golden Ticket to be able to have the success that you want in life.  Unfortunately, with the current economic recession, questions have arisen about whether obtaining a college degree is actually worth the debt you will be placing yourself into.  This is a most depressing conversation that is going on out there.  Yes, there are many adults who say that becoming an intern right out of high school is the only way to move up in a company, instead of wasting your time in college and missing out on the ability to train on the job. Now, there is one thing that has become clear during this recession: a college education does not guarantee a high paying job any longer. There are others who say that unless you are going to be the two top  `dogs` that colleges preach about - lawyers and doctors - that higher education is just about partying and putting off the inevitable - getting a job.  But, this is simply not true.   

As all parents know in their harts, they wish to give their children the best shot at a successful life and career.  Financial difficulties are on the rise, and trying to even build a savings account to be used at college-age has become a nightmare of sorts. But there are ways that will NOT add extra tension and fear to the family unit.   

And it all comes from something you already do each and every day - shop.  Rebates, coupons, and benefits that are received through Mission Tuition is a phenomenal opportunity. In fact, it`s the real Golden Ticket. This company saw a way for your child to get an education without YOU losing your retirement income, 401K`s, or your mind, over trying to figure out how on earth you were going to pay for college.   

Mission Tuition partnered with all types of companies:  Circuit City, Eddie Bauer, Walgreens, Adidas - handbags, food, clothing, flowers, gifts, books, toys, games, appliances, automotive care - everything you already use! And now, by opening up a FREE account with Mission Tuition, every time you make one of your regular daily purchases at these stores, or on the Mission Tuition websites, you get BACK money.  You receive rebates - as well as the in-store discounts - placed into your Mission Tuition savings account.  Even without deciding what 529 plan you want to sign up with at this point in time, you don`t lose out!  The educational savings account is simply held at Wells Fargo bank until you decide!   

College is one of the largest investments you will ever make, and the most important, because it is an investment in your child`s future.  Now the question becomes whether or not you get your (ROI) return on investment in actual financial capital, or human and  emotional capital. The truth of the matter is that this  `blanket notion` that going to college will guarantee you a better economic future is not always true. However, it has been proven that it will certainly get you much farther along the path of success in far less time.  

Education is also all about the child, as well.  This is not just a parental decision. When this child is young and you sign up for Mission Tuition you are already doing the correct thing for your child`s future.  But when the time arrives there is another facet that needs to be in place. The child also has to understand how to pick a major and have a  `plan` for their success.  In other words, by going through Mission Tuition and then funding a 529 plan - YOU have done the financial work, but the child still needs to know how to put that money to good use.   

Going to college is the best move in life, but let`s be very intelligent about what we expect to get out of our education.  Forty-five percent of attendees at four year colleges don`t receive a bachelors degree within six years. In these instances, the student meets with disappointment and the return on investment is absolutely zero.  There is another group of people who graduate from college and then have so much trouble finding jobs in their industry that they end up  `behind the counter` where a college education is not really a necessity.  Again, no return on investment   

To change this?  Your child needs to put a  `plan` in motion, and not rely on the things that may have happened twenty years ago.  Because in 2011, things have certainly changed.   

Take being a writer.  Journalism and media has changed a great deal, and the biggest error in judgment that students can make in the 21st century is believing that they will get hired the same way that their mother was hired in the 1960`s.  Which means - if you have a dream, and the passion and desire to make that dream come true - then you must study, learn, and update yourself with all the information on how the media industry currently works - what they are currently looking for!  By learning your field, how much it costs, and what it really takes - besides a college education - to get your foot in the door, only THEN will you receive a return on your investment.   

Creating debt for yourself when you have absolutely no idea that you will be able to land a job in your desired field is a huge gamble.  There are over eighteen million students enrolled in over five thousand colleges and universities in just the U.S. right now.  And most are charging anywhere from twenty to forty thousand a year, or more, for tuition.  Most students have also been told that there is financial aid available for everyone (loans).  But now the U.S. is actually in the largest student loan debt  `bubble` we have ever seen, and we need to find innovative ways of saving money that actually WORK - so that our children do NOT end up paying off student loans for the rest of their time on this earth.   

Mission Tuition WORKS!  This is the company that has made sure the money is there and will not cause our children a lifetime of debt. They know that a 529 IS the best vehicle that parents need to use in order to save for education, and Mission Tuition has found a way for parents to save that extra cash.   

A college education is worth it!  And saving money for that education is one of the most frightening and important issues for parents to face.  But Mission Tuition now takes away the fright thankfully.  The process is SO simple, and absolutely FREE (and there is no  `small print` on this one either, gang).    

You open a Mission Tuition FREE account; an educational savings account is held at Wells Fargo bank. You shop on-line at Mission Tuition and in your already favorite stores, and receive the in-store discount as well as the advertised rebate from each of Mission Tuition`s retailers online.  All of this goes directly into the savings account. You can use any of your existing debit or credit cards to make purchases, and if your favorite card earns miles or points, you receive them in addition to Mission Tuition`s cash rebates, to double your benefits with every purchase.  This really does give you the time to research the best 529 plan for your child`s education.  Then, when you decide, you simply call the incredible staff at Mission Tuition. You can request a check to withdraw funds, or tell them where you would like the money transferred. Only you have access to your funds. If you already have a state 529 tax deferred college savings plan, just notify Mission Tuition and they will send a check for you to deposit into your active 529 account.   

Highly technical and highly scientific fields are all the rage right now in the business world, with more and more companies opening in the near future which will allow more and more jobs to come open.  There is a way to get through these rough financial times and STILL give your child the education they need!     

Who would have ever thought that all of this would be as easy as going shopping?   

Until Next Time, Everybody.   

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