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Published:November 8th, 2011 11:07 EST
A Video Trailer is More Than Advertisement

A Video Trailer is More Than Advertisement

By SOP newswire2

When you place an advertisement for a book in a newspaper or magazine it enjoys a short life between advent and next issue. But a video trailer promoting a book immediately acquires an exponential life, appearing again and again as it catches the fancy of varied web site operators. 

It enjoys the advantages of movement and the ease with which it can be moved around in cyberspace. It`s used to animate web sites, to emphasize the particular focus of the site and its operator, and it`s whisked around the social media networks just for the fun of it. The search algorithms pick up its intent and reassign it over and over to relevant sites. It becomes an interactive element of cyberspace. 

Brent Robison, a novelist, publisher and videographer, has made a wonderful trailer for Djelloul Marbrook`s short novel, Artemisia`s Wolf, a paperback book published in April by Prakash Books Ltd., one of India`s major publishing houses. Robison is the author of The Principle of Ultimate Indivisibility, a novel of link stories hailed by authors and critics for its perceptivity and powers of observation. 

His video for Artemisia`s Wolf required, first of all, a close reading of the book. Then it demanded considerable visual and audio research, because it had to capture such varied ideas as the effects of a lightning strike on a young woman, her athleticism and blithe spirit, a magical white wolf, and, of course, the book`s locales. Robison accomplishes all this with faithfulness to the story and startling speed, making the video fun towatch and demanding little time from the viewer. 

He found himself in tune with the writer because previouslyhe had made short videos of several of Marbrook`s poems in his prize-winningvolume Far From Algiers and his critically acclaimed second volume of poems,Brushstrokes and Glances. Robison also engineered the rendering ofMarbrook`s first short novel, Saraceno, into e-book and audio formats. 

"I`m accustomed to learning my trade from what people write about it, and I value a review that reveals something about my own work to me," says Marbrook, "but I never expected that videos adapted from my poems or a video promoting my book would teach me something, and yet that`s exactly what has happened." 

"But what did Robison`s video teach its author about Artemisia`s Wolf? The quality of its silences," Marbrook says. "There is Artemisia in Central Park, her roller blades pointed out, poised, waiting, listening. This is the real Artemisia. She`s not a talker, and Brent unerringly captured this quality. His videos are as perceptive as his own stories." 

Artemisia`s Wolf is available online from and many other online booksellers. Tommy Zurhellen, author of Nazareth, North Dakota, has called Marbrook`s creation of the Artemisia Cavelli character brilliant "and funny." 


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