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Published:November 8th, 2011 17:48 EST
Happy Thanksgiving: A Feast for the Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving: A Feast for the Holiday

By Rocco Loosbrock

It`s that time of year again! Recipes, grocery store trips, turkey defrosting, seeing family you`ve missed, seeing family you can do without...You know, the annual pig-out day of Thanksgiving! The day where kitchens are all a bustle and everyone is licking their chops in anticipation of the feast.

But you know what? We don`t care that much for the usual boring turkey. It`s been done too many times. And adding some new seasoning isn`t fooling anyone. We want something new and exciting because we`re all interesting and awesome people. Let the boring folk dig into their typical annual turkey. We want the bacon! We want pork! Bring it on!

We all know about the infamous Turbaconducken. A chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey, and then all wrapped in glorious bacon. (Cleaning the drool off the keyboard... Hukjbklwekvfw... Okay, we`re good now.) That`s three birds all wrapped in a pig: bacon! You really have to try this beast! It`s something that will have even the grumpy, judgmental in-laws smiling from ear-to-ear. Kids love it because not only is it delicious, it looks so monstrously cool.

As for the vegetarians; well, we feel very sorry for them and can`t help them with their "problem". But for you awesome carnivores out there, the brilliant minds at Bacon Freak have created some flavored bacon bundles to wrap your birds in some pig! It`s the Turbaconducken Bundles! Each bundle contains delicious flavored bacon so you don`t have to add any seasoning! Hey, less work for you right? There`s the classic peppered bacon bundle for those of you that love that peppered meaty taste. A honey BBQ bacon bundle for those that love the sweet and savory flavor of a down-home BBQ; an apple cinnamon bacon bundle who like their meat sweeter, and a jalapeno bacon bundle for those who like their meat to have a kick! They even have an awesome side dish for you to create: The Ultimate BBQ Bacon Mashed Potatoes. Because garlic mashed potatoes are so last year.

So add some bacon to your holiday! Because like Bacon Freak states, Bacon makes every meal taste better. It also makes uncomfortable family situations more bearable. (No more wine for you, Aunt Agnes!)"

Amen to that. A-men.