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Published:November 8th, 2011 19:38 EST

Outrage: Gov. Scott Walker Says Tree In Capitol Rotunda Is A 'Christmas Tree'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker raised the ire of activists by declaring the tree in the Capitol Rotunda will again be known as a `Christmas tree,` observers said.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said the Republican governor wants the tree, which will go up later this month and remain in place until early January, to be referred to as a `Christmas tree` and not a `holiday tree,` which was the name given to it by legislators in 1985.



Governor Walker is one of the most unpopular and divisive politicians in America, millions will never forgive him for trying to destroy unions in the state of Wisconsin.

But this latest action by Scott Walker really crosses the bounds of commonsense, and not to mention that it obliterates the separation of church and state.

The governor can place a tree in his living room, and he can call it a Christmas tree or anything else he wants. But a tree placed in the Capitol Rotunda is there for the enjoyment of all residents of Wisconsin, be they Christian, Muslim or whatever.

It`s an outrage and an insult to everyone who is not a Christian, for the tree in the Capitol Rotunda to be called anything other than a Holiday tree.

The good people of Wisconsin should come to their senses, and recall this joker.

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