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Published:November 8th, 2011 19:33 EST Alerts MILV, LSTG, CSOC and XCLL as Hot Stocks In Play Alerts MILV, LSTG, CSOC and XCLL as Hot Stocks In Play

By Seth Davis

Leading penny stock newsletter Penny Stock Videos has been working overtime recently researching new penny stocks in play. In particular, Mistral Ventures (MILV), Lone Star Gold (LSTG), Caduceus Software Systems (CSOC) and XcelMobility (XCLL) are 4 stocks that are being featured in various newsletters, and have received large spikes in volume recently. Due to their liquidity and volatility, these stocks could be excellent buys, or possible shorts in the weeks to come. Newcomers to penny stocks and investing, however, are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when trading stocks of this nature.
The latest promotion from the infamous PennyPic network of websites, MILV, was announced on October 27. Far from being a complete failure with a huge spike at the beginning of the promotion followed by a large drop, as is the case with so many newsletter picks (BestDamnPennyStocks springs to mind), MILV has quite consistently up trended for the past two weeks. A break out of the stock price past 0.097 could be a strong signal to buy especially if the promotions continue. 
On the other side of the spectrum, LSTG is an old promoted stock from Winning Media that has gone up around 30% in the last five trading days. Whether or not it will continue uptrending is difficult to say. The stock previously traded well above $1, so the odds for a continued rise certainly seem decent, although risks are also present.
CSOC is the latest new stock in play, having been "repumped" at the start of the week on Monday. The stock rose an impressive 40% in one day and it`s anyone`s guess as to where it will go from here. Like LSTG, however, a steady continued rise is definitely a possibility. XCLL is also a stock that gained significant attention on Monday. The company had released news that a new executive had joined, although it seems far more likely that recent promotions had caused the volume spike rather than any news on the companies developments.