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Published:November 8th, 2011 10:53 EST
Selling Chicken Pox Spit

Selling Chicken Pox Spit

By Donna Cavanagh

This is one of those times when I wonder if we have lost our minds. This is one of those stories where I have to sit and wonder if we should all be allowed to procreate. Yes, we have the equipment, but sometimes we just don`t all have the common sense needed to be parents.

Federal prosecutors are warning parents that they are not allowed to send or receive the Chicken Pox virus or other diseased items through the mail or courier service.  Yes, they had to be warned.  Do I have your attention now?  Some parents, who were afraid to get their children immunized against the disease, are trying to find ways for their kids to get Chicken Pox so that they will have the natural immunity for it for life.  Since many children get the vaccine, these enterprising parents realized that their children might not have the opportunity to come in contact with the disease, so they enlisted the help of a Facebook Group called "Find the Pox Party" which for a fee, will email them the virus via a lollipop, candy or Q-tip soaked in spit.  

They get the virus from children who have Chicken Pox. The people wanting to inflict their children with Chicken Pox will receive the infected mucus, or pox-licked lollipop in the mail which they in turn will force their children to lick or eat in hopes that they will contract the disease and develop a natural immunity for it.

Now, do you get my question about why some people are allowed to breed?  What kind of parent knowingly feeds their kids the spit of another sick person? In this day and age of online safety, what kind of irresponsible parent thinks it`s safe to trust some person on Facebook who promises to send you the diseased spit of another kid?   And how do they know that their Facebook friends are not sending something like Hepatitis or something worse? Are these people so anti-vaccine that they prefer to trust strangers on Facebook with the lives of their children than their own pediatrician or family doctor?   

I hope the federal prosecutors make Facebook delete this account if they haven`t already; second, call all the parents in who gave or attempted to give their children the diseased candy or spit and let them eat the mucus-laden candy while they watch movies such as Outbreak or the Andromeda Strain or any of the other recent virus flicks out there. Better yet, let them watch medical films on the life-threatening complications of simple childhood diseases such as Chicken Pox.

I have heard all the hoopla over long-term effects of vaccines on kids and I`m sorry to say but the evidence does not support the notion that vaccines cause more harm than good.  I will admit that I am an alternative care person, but nowhere does my alternative care include spitting on a Q-tip or piece of candy and forcing a child to suck on it. And think about the diseases these spit swappers are spreading to innocent kids not involved in this Facebook transaction. After child 1 eats or sucks the spit off the candy, he goes to school and exposes everyone in the classroom to whatever he ingested. I don`t care how many Purell dispensers are in that classroom, this is an epidemic ready to erupt and it might be days or weeks to identify what the epidemic is because some stupid parent bought it from some stranger on Facebook. This could be a nightmare of epic proportions.

So, what can we conclude from this situation?  Some parents just lack common sense? Absolutely. Some parents are so fixated on an idea that they don`t care who or what gets in their way in order to achieve what they need to achieve for themselves? Yes, to this one too.  Some parents should be forced not to breed?    Well, you decide on that one, but if I were a parent, I would be paying close attention to who is giving my kids lollipops.