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Published:November 10th, 2011 16:20 EST
Kenyan Youth Adopt Peacekeeping

Kenyan Youth Adopt Peacekeeping

By Sophie Akinyi

It is only normal for one to picture himself/herself in a comfortable job that is related to whatever they studied in school. But for some, this just won`t happen. The job searching becomes quite frustrating that most people give up along the way. With the tough times getting harder, some have decided to give life a second chance. In most impoverished communities, young men have decided to focus their energies in the provision of security instead of causing the opposite.  

When one is young, he/she has lots of energies which need to be directed in the correct places. Kenyan Youth have come together against negative vibes by creating a peaceful environment. Peacekeeping is the latest name that these groups of young men term their jobs. 

This work involves maintaining a peaceful environment in entertainment establishments and for famous people. The work is mostly carried out during the night, but on some occasions it`s carried out during the daytime. It is a hectic process which entails keeping vigil till the end of the exercise. 

One has to be physically fit and well built so as to be able to deal with hooligans in the crowds. Their daily routine includes going to the gymnasium for weightlifting, eating healthy mostly comprising of proteins. While most men in this job are taller, there are some who are a bit short; what counts is being physically fit coupled with keenness as one has to always be on high alert. 

Peacekeepers get an average pay of between Kshs. 1,000 and 3,000 per night depending on where they have been assigned. This type of job is on a temporary basis and relies on how well someone is known. This job has its benefits which includes interacting with famous people, being part of colorful events and receiving free give away products. But just like any other job, peacekeeping has its challenges. These include: spending nights in cold weather, dealing with ruffians who fight back and in some instances untrustworthy event organizers who underpay them. 

Most of these young men are into this job as a means to make ends meet. The rate of unemployment is high while life gets tougher. This only means they have to look for resources to provide for their families without committing crime; something that is quite positive.