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Published:November 10th, 2011 12:52 EST

National Emergency Alert Notification Plays Lady Gaga! End Of The World?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"FEMA sent out a live emergency alert notification that was supposed to be accompanied by a `this is only a test` disclaimer Wednesday. The disclaimer did not always happen. Some observers said they heard a Lady Gaga song instead."



I live in Virginia, and I received the emergency alert notification without a disclaimer. I might have wet my drawers had I not been aware about the pending test.

In the event of a national emergency don`t expect any help from the government, you`d better have a gun that you can rely on for protection. The federal government is clueless, the bureaucrats can`t even get an emergency alert notification right.

The poor souls that heard a Lady Gaga sound playing in the background of the emergency alert notification must have thought the Apocalypse was at hand..

If Hell on Earth is unleashed, I would expect Lady Gaga to be blaring from public speakers, as the Antichrist and his demons wreak havoc.

I`m afraid I`m going to have nightmares tonight about Lady Gaga and the End of the World!


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