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Published:November 12th, 2011 11:12 EST

Gloria Cain Do The Right Thing And Denounce Herman Cain!

By Robert Paul Reyes

We are all familiar with the familiar scene: A politician embroiled in a scandal makes a statement to the press with his wife by his side.

Herman Cain has yet to appear before the media with his wife, Gloria Cain, standing by his side. We should all be grateful that she hasn`t, it`s a demeaning and humiliating role for a political spouse to play.


But weeks into a s[e]xual harassment scandal that has the potential of derailing her husband`s presidential aspirations, Gloria has yet to make a public appearance or sit down for an interview in defense of her spouse.

Mrs. Cain`s silence speaks volumes, the evidence that Herman Cain is a serial s[e]xual harasser is so overwhelming that she doesn`t want to risk her credibility, and her standing before her God, by defending him.

Herman Cain frequently invokes his wife on the campaign trail -- he recently made this statement:

"My wife said, and this is a direct quote, `I have known you for 46 years, because we were engaged for two years, and that doesn`t even sound like anything you would ever do to anyone,`

Player, please! That doesn`t sound like what any woman would say. This is what Mrs. Cain probably said: You`ve disrespected me dozens of times during our miserable 46 years of marriage. If one more white blond woman makes an allegation of s[e]xual harassment against you, I`m kicking your sorry butt to the curb.

By all accounts Mrs. Cain is a shy God-fearing woman, she should get over her timidity, and publicly denounce her husband. Mrs. Cain stop enabling your wayward husband, do the electorate a favor and expose him!

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