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Published:November 12th, 2011 12:27 EST

Love Story: Dude Wades Through Dump To Find Wife's Expensive Ring

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida man who accidentally threw out his wife`s $10,000 engagement ring said he waded through more than 8 tons of trash to find it.

Brian McGuinn of Margate said he accidentally threw the ring away with a disposable razor."



Brian`s wife Anna couldn`t stop crying when her husband told her that he had accidentally thrown away her expensive ring. I doubt she shed a tear thinking of her faithful husband sifting through tons of rotting garbage searching for her ring.

I can understand a man wading through tons of filth looking for the engagement ring he recently presented to his girlfriend he will soon marry. But what husband would go to such desperate measures to find a ring that belongs to his wife? Christmas is right around the corner, Anna should reward her husband by buying him a large screen TV.

Brian said he let out a "manly" scream when he found the ring. LOL, the coward was probably overjoyed that his wife was going to give him a hug, instead of beating the hell out of him when he got home.

In all seriousness, Brian isn`t a coward and his wife isn`t a shrew. This incident is a beautiful example of what a man will do for the good woman he loves.

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