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Published:November 13th, 2011 18:34 EST

Does Rick Perry's Comment About Israel Make Him a Muslim?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he would cut the United States` foreign aid budget to zero and then allocate taxpayer dollars depending on each country`s support for America, indicating that Pakistan would no longer receive U.S. aid but Israel would." CBS News 

Rick Perry didn`t have a brain-freeze YouTube moment in the GOP debate Saturday night, but he made a comment regarding Israel that he may come to regret.


Rick Perry called for a  radical (some would say crazy) new approach to foreign aid spending, he would basically cut foreign aid to zero and then allocate taxpayer dollars depending on each country`s support for our foreign policy objectives.


The Texas governor included Israel in the list of countries whose aid he would cut to zero, but he went on to add that Israel is a friend of the United States and that he would resume funding them at a high level.


Like all true believers evangelical Christians only hear what they want to hear, and the only thing they will remember is that the intellectually-challenged presidential hopeful is going to cut Israel`s funding to zero. Evangelicals don`t exactly take a nuanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they support the Jewish nation right or wrong, and anyone who promises to cut America`s aid to Israel to zero is anathema is their book.


Conservative Christians are an important part of the GOP base, and Perry can`t afford to antagonize them. The religious zealots might even begin to wonder if Perry is a closet Muslim. This might sound crazy, but remember that quite a few Christian fundamentalists believe that President Obama is a Muslim simply because his middle name is Hussein.


In light of America`s financial problems we should revaluate the money that we lavish on so many countries, including Israel. But Perry should learn to think and speak in a more nuanced (word of the day) fashion.


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