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Published:November 14th, 2011 19:18 EST
Sonic "Fur" All

Sonic "Fur" All

By Donna Cavanagh

My dogs are wagging their tails in delight upon hearing the news that a new Sonic Drive in is coming to town as this is their favorite food. However, in the past, our trips to Sonic might have produced some inappropriate behavior, so we have started a training class for our dogs complete with a PowerPoint presentation, to re-teach our pets about correct Sonic Etiquette.

These are our goals:

  1. Mommy has to order: It is not appropriate to bark or growl your food choices into the Sonic order machine at your drive-in station. The dogs will learn that Mommy presses the button and Mommy will interpret what menu items will be ordered.
  2. It is not acceptable to bark, growl or drool when the server (with or sans roller skates) comes to the car window to drop off the food. Growling makes most people ill at ease and cascading drool disgusts everyone. Correct behavior includes sitting back on assigned seats and waiting until all food is given to Mommy, and the server has retreated.  Only then will Mommy dole out the goodies.
  3. There is no jumping in the front seat when soft drinks and loose ketchup are present.  Mommy hates to have to clean out car seat stains especially ketchup, which if not removed properly, can look like someone was murdered in the car and Mommy doesn`t like people to think she does that kind of stuff except the car mechanic because if he is scared, he might not charge as much.

Dogs will learn that if they do make it into the front seat on a good leap and then decide to return to the back seat, they must clear the gear shift.  Sonic, and we know this from experience, does not appreciate cars driving into their support poles no matter how unintentional it was.

Once our dogs pass this simple but detailed etiquette class, it will be Sonic  "fur" all.