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Published:November 14th, 2011 11:09 EST
You Can Achieve Anything Your Heart Desires

You Can Achieve Anything Your Heart Desires

By Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari

Nothing in this world is unachievable. There are thousands of examples to justify this fact. In life, there is always reasonable room for improvement. To achieve your target goals, you should be motivated and consistent. You don`t have to listen negative comments, but if you do, just let them pass through your mind.

When you are in any profession, you have to set aside your emotions and your professional life is a different dimension then the life that is full of emotions. The successful man is one who contains both these aspects of his life successfully. Every dimension of your life tells you some lesson, but the one who gains a difference is he who learns that lesson and this requires deep observation.

In your life, there are many people around you, but among them there are a very few who understand you. You face different remarks and comments all the time from these people around you. Often I see that many of us get pressured or depressed by these remarks. We can avoid the situation by answering some rational questions; who is commenting on you? Why he is commenting? If someone is sincere to you, even he or she is giving you wrong advice or criticizing you; you should understand that he takes your problem seriously. And those who want to lower you down just forget them. It is obvious that when you stand for a goal, you will have to face hardships.

These are some common problems which almost all professionals face, but I am more concerned about students. For students it is important to identify your goals. Friends are very important, but more important is your friend selection. There is a well known saying that works with all but tie with few. A working relationship is necessary, but it must not distract you from your goals. A good test of friendship is that, whether your friend helping you in achieve your target goals or not?

Do not expect! Structure your relationship on sincerity and you will find that sincerity does not want return. When you eliminate expectations from your relationships you have resolved 70% of your relationship issues. Trust is another factor that influences your relationships and decisions. Some people habitually act in a hurry to place their trust which sometimes harms them. Basically these two are the key factors that play an important part in controlling your behavior.

Difficulties in one`s life is like a furnace which purifies gold. We should take these difficulties as training, a training that will help you to hunt down problems or to deal with them in future.

These are my views, my experiences that I tried to share with you. It is my goal that hopefully one person will benefit from it.