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Published:November 15th, 2011 21:05 EST
Imran Khan Confesses of Assisting in Gambling

Imran Khan Confesses of Assisting in Gambling

By Ernest Dempsey

The news of Imran Khan`s confession about assistance in gambling appeared online last month and informs that Imran Khan has written in his recently published book Pakistan: A Personal Historyabout how he cleared the debts his political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) had incurred in the 2002 parliamentary elections. The news told that Imran Khan guided his then brother-in-law Ben Goldsmith over telephone in betting on a test match between England and South Africa.  

In the video clipuploaded to YouTube, a private TV channel`s anchor asks Khan about betting. When Khan asks him if he has read the book, the anchor starts reading from Khan`s book his confession in his own words of guiding Goldsmith in betting,

I watched the test match with Ben for the next two days, telling him what to do, " reads Khan`s book. The anchor further reads in Khan`s words from page 226 of the book that after the match not only was Goldsmith able to clear his debt but the two made enough money to clear Khan`s party debts as well.

Answering the anchor`s question, Khan first says he never took part in betting. He then goes on to narrate that he was spending holidays with his children and his political party had run into debt after the 2002 election. His brother-in-law was watching the match and kept asking him about what would happen. Goldsmith had lost £10, 000 in betting at that time. So Khan told him he would spare him his time only if Goldsmith agreed to give all the money won beyond £10, 000 as a result of winning the bet. And this money would go to clear the debt of PTI. Upon this, the anchor passed the remark that Khan knows how to manipulate.

Imran Khan has recently got a lot of media attention by holding demonstrations and leading political rallies, criticizing both the current government and the leading opposition parties. In return, he has been called a politician in the making with the help of Pakistan`s intelligence agencies. Khan has been asking for general elections before the current government completes its tenure in 2013.