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Published:November 15th, 2011 21:40 EST
Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation to Carry Out Polio Campaign

Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation to Carry Out Polio Campaign

By Sophie Akinyi

Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation is carrying out a Polio campaign following a recent case that was reported in Nyanza Province - Migori District.

The case involved a three year old boy who was crippled as result of polio. The exercise which kicked off in various cities has seen many parents have a change of heart.

Unlike previous immunization campaigns, this particular one is being administered a door-to door basis. This is yielding positive results as medical personnel are able to explain to parents the importance of the vaccine while checking on children`s general health.

This move might have been prompted by the fact that some parents have stereotypes relating to immunizations.

What comes out straight is lack of information. The few who hide their children from being immunized lack proper information on what the whole process entails. Thanks to the government move, now they are able to even explain to their counterparts who had a similar feel.

The event which kicked off on Saturday 15th November will wind up tomorrow at 6:00 PM. Residents are advised to ensure their kids get the vaccine which is administered orally.

As a means of proper identification, medical personnel will identify themselves upon arrival at residential areas and keenly explain what it entails. The targeted age group is those of five years and below. After immunization, their left index fingers will be marked as a proof that they have been attended to. The marking must extend to the skin.