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Published:November 15th, 2011 17:29 EST

Motorcyclist Riding With Pooch Charged With Animal Cruelty

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New Jersey authorities dismissed an animal cruelty charge against a man (Gyula Szatmar) who promised not to drive to work again with his dog behind his motorcycle windshield."


This dude obviously loves his Bosco his dog; I think it`s great that he takes his pooch to work. I wish I could take my dog to work, it would make the day go by a lot faster.


But riding a motorcycle with a dog behind the windshield isn`t a good idea, if the bike hits a bump in the road the canine will go flying like a kite.

According to the UPI article Gyula (why can`t this dude have a simple name like Bosco?), will buy a behind-the-driver dog carrier so he can continue to take his beloved pooch to work with him.

There are many monsters who abuse animals who need to be prosecuted; I`m glad the authorities dropped the charges against this man who clearly cares for his pet.

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