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Published:November 16th, 2011 21:37 EST
Budapest to Be the Center of the Scientific World Again - World Science Forum 2011

Budapest to Be the Center of the Scientific World Again - World Science Forum 2011

By SOP newswire2

In co-operation with UNESCO, ICSU and AAAS, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is organizing World Science Forum (WSF), one of the world`s largest science diplomacy conferences, for the fifth time. To be held between November 17-19, 2011, the Forum once again makes Budapest the center of the scientific world.

Outstanding researchers and high-ranking decision-makers are to participate in this global scientific event, among them are Nobel-laureate scientists, ministers for science policy, world leaders of science diplomacy, the largest investors in R&D, and the representatives of prestigious international scientific journals. Prepared by the Steering Committee, a common closing statement is to be issued by participants, a body of recommendations which, as endorsed by a prestigious gathering, surely cannot be overlooked.

This year a new era is to start in the history of WSF. Enhancing the global aspect of the event as recommended by the Academy, WSF is to be hosted biannually by different cities all over the world, while returning again to Budapest every fourth year. WSF 2013 will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Held in Budapest, this year`s WSF is exploring the theme of "the changing landscape of science". The answers to be given to such global challenges as environmental protection, sustainability, diseases, famine, are carving out new directions for research in the face of the emergence of new fields of science and new scientific super powers. The role of traditional scientific fields and the current centre`s of science are being re-evaluated. WSF 2011 is to give a complex overview of these changes, and their impact on society and the economy. It creates an opportunity for a global dialogue in which latest discoveries,, excellent operational models and best practices are discussed and shared.

During the opening ceremony talks will be delivered by the President of HAS and WSF József Pálinkás; General Secretary of UN Ban Ki-moon (video message); General Director of UNESCO Irina Bokova; President of ICSU Yuan Tseh Lee; General Director of AAAS Alan I. Leshner; Minister for Science in Brazil, Aloizio Mercadante. The Forum will also be greeted from space by one of the astronauts on board the International Space Station.

The opening ceremony officially launches WSF 2011 which is to discuss, analyse and evaluate the effects science generates upon our world by means of a great number of presentations and lectures.


World Science Forum is a highly recognised worldwide scientific event, the forum of fora, an opportunity to discuss and define the social validity, the driving forces, and the future of science.

Its three main goals are:

  •   emphasising the significance, the social validity, the influence, and the responsibilities of science
  •   fostering and maintaining a dialogue between the scientific community, society, and policy-makers
  •   providing a foundation for finding authentic responses to global challenges facing mankind.
  • Contributing to an authentic and positive image of Hungary, the forum is unique evidence for the success of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian science, and the entire nation.
  • WSF, the world forum of science in Budapest is an unique event because:

  •   It`s an event of true global significance with hundreds of countries and several highly acknowledged guests participating. With the presence of Nobel-laureate researchers and some of the most influential decision-makers, it`s the most significant international event in Hungary besides the her recent EU Presidency;
  •   Focusing not only on certain specific areas of science, it`s the only forum of regular discussions with society and policy-makers in the broadest framework about the role of science, and the ethical, environmental, economic, social and cultural consequences of scientific discoveries;
  •   While acknowledging the significance of Budapest, it`s the only world forum that is to be organised in various countries every fourth year from 2011 onwards while returning again to Budapest every fourth year, thus responding creatively to the changes of the multifarious world of science.

  • WSF 2011: The Changing Landscape of Science
    The goals of the event:
  •   Exploring the geographical, thematic and social aspects of the changes of science in an integrated manner, and introducing new emerging superpowers of science;
  •   Pointing out the significance of emerging fields of science and their expected results;
  •   Mapping out possible solutions for such global challenges as epidemics, natural catastrophes, famine, environmental-social problems and health issues concerning all of mankind;
  •   Emphasising the need for an evidence based policy-making;
  •   Overseeing the emergence of scientific objectives and initiatives responsible for the improvement of the common good;
  •   Issuing a common closing statement as a forum of fora and thereby institutionalising its intentions, making the results of WSF a body of recommendations that cannot be overlooked.
  • Main topics of WSF 2011:

    •   The emergence of new scientific superpowers
  •   The emergence of new fields of science
  •   New opportunities for scientific co-operation on a global level
  •   New models, regulations and intentions in science-policy and education
  •   The role of science in solving pressing global challenges (infections, famine, environmental protection)
  •   The consequences of scientific discoveries for the economy and culture.
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