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Published:November 16th, 2011 15:05 EST
Obesity - A Greater Threat Than Terrorism Or The Failure of The Banks

Obesity - A Greater Threat Than Terrorism Or The Failure of The Banks

By SOP newswire2

No threat poses a greater danger to the stability of the United States than obesity. Not terrorism. Not failure of the banks. Nothing. According to the Center For Disease Control the rate of obesity has risen at an alarming rate over the past 20 years. It`s estimated that over 33% of the US Adult population and 17% of the adolescent population is currently obese. Conservative projections indicate that by the year 2030 that number will be 50% of all adult Americans.

This equates to half our working population suffering from the chronic illnesses associated with obesity - insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, hypertension well you get the picture. While this may be a boon for the Pharmaceutical companies that profit from chronic disease, it`s the canary in the mine signaling the absolute failure of our country. You think I`m overreacting?

Every day we hear that the cost of health care is going to bankrupt our country if we don`t find ways of managing and paying for it soon.  Obesity has both an intrinsic and extrinsic effect on our economy. The intrinsic effects are understood by most people. Obesity leads to illness which leads to the dependence upon the health care system, quite often for a life time. The numbers are staggering. In 2008 it was estimated to be $147 billion in medical spending alone. It should also be mentioned that in 2008 the rate of adult obesity was 26% as compared to over 33% today and the looming 50% by 2030.

Extrinsically the cost of obesity in lost production, disability claims, non-medical costs of dealing with the challenges of obesity and extraneous expenses are much harder to gauge, but no less significant. If half the adult workforce suffers from chronic disease related to obesity that makes the drain on our economy in concert with the lack of production a double whammy.

It`s no mystery to anyone why we are obese. Simply put, it`s our lifestyle. Our dependence upon the wrong foods in concert with a complete disregard for sleep has led us to this place. A diet high in grain, corn and starches has been show in numerous research studies to precipitate the types of insulin responses that lead to insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity. Lack of proper sleep at night has been shown to further produce the type of insulin resistance that promotes obesity. Its time for us to stop!

The greatest resource this country has is its people. We have won wars, put the first men on the moon, helped foster democracy and pulled this country out of every nose dive it`s ever faced. This battle will be our greatest test of all. The difference with this battle is that by 2030 only half of us will be able to fight. And the half who needs to fight the hardest won`t be physically able to.

By Carl Lanore

Carl Lanore is the host of the Internationally Syndicated Super Human Radio show where he discusses the secrets and steps that anyone can follow to extend life, improve health and avoid chronic disease. Live Stronger. Live Longer remains his mantra, and Lanore walks the walk. He trains almost daily with heavy resistance training methods, eats an Ancestral  style diet, began hormone replacement therapy in 2007, uses the supplements he talks about, and has turned back the biological clock of his body. He will tell you that he is stronger and in better health today than when he was in his late 20`s. You can tune in Live to Super Human Radio Monday through Friday from Noon till 2:00PM EST by visiting or using the AOL Digital Radio service SHOUTcast and search for Super Human Radio. Become part of the discussion on FaceBook at or get updates of upcoming shows by following him on Twitter