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Published:November 16th, 2011 10:41 EST

Video: Outrage! Adorable Sugar Plum Fairy Fired For Cursing!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Sugar Plum Fairy was fired for cursing, but a growing number of fans are hoping she`ll get her job back.
Laura Coppinger, 29, of St. Louis, is an actress who has portrayed the Sugar Plum Fairy for the past six years on historic Main Street in St. Charles during the annual Christmas Traditions festival. She was recently fired for cursing -- not on the job, but when she went to take a drug test required of all city employees."



You expect the Sugar Plum Fairy to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, to pinch the rosy cheeks of toddlers, and to help little blue-haired old ladies cross the street.

You never in a billion years expect the saintly Sugar Plum Fairy to utter a curse word, but under the circumstances I will give her a pass.

The Sugar Plum Fairy accidentally flushed the toilet after taking a drug test, which is a "no no." When informed that she would have to take another test, she was so flabbergasted and frustrated that a curse word escaped from her innocent lips. Who can blame the loveable creature, she would probably have to wait at the drug testing facility for at least an hour before she would be able to urinate again.

I will need years of therapy to erase the image of the Sugar Plum Fairy taking a urine test -- what kind of crazy world do we live in?

I like my women a little bit on the skanky side, but the Sugar Plum Fairy is so adorable that she has captured my fancy, I`m not the only sod who is enthralled by her, the people in her community have rushed to her defense. One man started a Facebook page to save her job, and is organizing a food drive on her behalf. Mike Swart you are a scholar and a gentleman, Sir you are a Knight in Shining Armor.

When I saw the Sugar Plum Fairy being interviewed on TV, the poor woman was practically in tears -- she really loves her job. I realize that life is a cruel joke, but the Sugar Plum Fairy should be exempt from the trials and tribulations of life. I`m not embarrassed to admit that I was bawling like a colicky baby when I saw the interview.

This is the holiday season for God`s sake, and Coppinger is a struggling actress who can`t afford to lose her Sugar Plum Fairy gig. I urge one and all to shower the Sugar Plum Fairy with enough food to last her for a year.

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