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Published:November 17th, 2011 12:54 EST

Lady Gaga Scares Bejesus Out Of British Baby

By Robert Paul Reyes

Millions of Lady Gaga`s monsters scream and cry in joy when they catch a glimpse of Mama Monster, but a baby screamed in horror when the pop diva clutched her in her arms. The wee thing looked away in horror from Lady Gaga, and desperately reached out her tiny arms to her mother.


The mother might as well have let Hannibal Lecter hold her infant; sure Lecter might have returned her baby minus an ear, but it would have made a great snapshot. I hope the clueless mother is arrested for child abuse.

The poor baby looked so terrified that I bet she needed a diaper change by the time Lady Gaga handed her back to her mom. Lady Gaga has a tendency to wear outrageous outfits that will scare the poop out of even grown men.

Click this link to see the look of sheer terror in eyes of Baby Louissa:

I have the same look of sheer terror when a Lady Gaga song comes on the radio.

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