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Published:November 18th, 2011 13:16 EST
A Poem: Fatima

A Poem: Fatima

By Ed Roberts


She was a threat

A danger to their very way of life

She had no respect

For family

Or tradition


She bent the rules

Broke them without regard to consequence

She was a trouble maker

And in some ways

A terrorist


Whenever she found the chance

She would sneak off by herself

Away from the eyes

That were constantly watching

And try to find others

Others who shared her goal


In the end

They stopped her

Beat her in public

To make an example

Ended her life

To discourage others

From following her path



Fatima was a dangerous person

A threat to their very way of life

She had taught herself to read

And write

At the age of eight


Fatima dreamed of becoming

What they feared the most

A teacher


On her fifteenth birthday

She died


A victim of those

Who have not yet learned

How it is

To dream


Ed Roberts


There are some people who need to have their story told

Sometimes unfortunately, it is far too short of a story