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Published:November 18th, 2011 11:25 EST
Kicking out the Kardashians

Kicking out the Kardashians

By Donna Cavanagh

Let`s hear it for America and its causes!  A new grass roots organization has formed to eradicate the country  from the forces of evil. This group has chosen to put their lives on the line to take on some of the most powerful corporations known in the US. They ask no money for their work; only the opportunity to be an instrument of change.  Their protest, while still in its infancy, has rocked the American landscape.  This group is not about occupying Wall Street or stopping the pillaging of our forests or even about saving innocent baby seals from a clubbing death. No, their cause goes much deeper. Their cause is to wipe the Kardashians off the face of TV.

Yes, I am not kidding. There is a grass roots organization out to get rid of the Kardashians who the group says promote promiscuity, greed and shallow behavior.  Of course they do, this is what we like about the Kardashians; this is why we watch! Why tune in for three sisters who never fight, have s(e)x and who only shop at Walmart? That would be tuning into the everyday life of 99 percent of America and let`s face it, we watch that show to escape our humdrum world.   You can go to to take part in their cause.    

Okay, so these protestors have Facebook groups and online petitions and they apparently spend long hours trying to rid the world of the evil Kardashians.  I hate to tell them this, but there is a way to get rid of the Kardashian sisters without going to all this trouble.  It`s a simple procedure, and it will not take hours of their day to get it done. Are you ready? Does anyone want to take notes? 

Here it is:  When you see the Kardashian shows on your plasma TV,  Click to a new channel.  I know, so simple yet so brilliant.  Let me know how this works for you.