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Published:November 19th, 2011 12:59 EST
Pit Bull Champ Threatened with Possible Killing in Texas

Pit Bull Champ Threatened with Possible Killing in Texas

By Ernest Dempsey

While the endangered snow tiger named Snow Magic is safe and  recoveringfrom the life-threatening surgery in Colorado, an abused pit bull called Champ waits for his fate behind bars in a shelter in Texas. Champ is in quarantine and if no rescue group steps forward to adopt him, he will be put to death by the shelter`s authorities.

The story of Champ being abused physically and saved by the Harlingen Humane Society of Texas came online earlier this week. Champ was reported to be in 10-day quarantine. It is not clear how long he will be kept at the shelter at the end of his quarantine. But if he is not adopted soon, he is likely to be killed. The rules of the shelter prohibit adoption of pit bulls to the general public, so he won`t be given to adoption to any of those many people who want to adopt him. The shelter requires that an animal rescue group adopts Champ.

Owing to the cruelty of his owner and the senseless adoption laws regarding pit bulls, Champ`s life is in danger. His supporters have created a Facebook pageto gather support for him and make efforts to save him. Please visit his page and share his page link on your blogs. Contact media and rescue groups to help save Champ, who really deserves another chance at life.

Thank you!