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Published:November 21st, 2011 12:00 EST
Big Butts Burst onto the Florida Landscape

Big Butts Burst onto the Florida Landscape

By Donna Cavanagh

Big butts might be in, but the desire to achieve the now fashionable endowed derriere has inspired some women to go beyond padded panties and tush lifts to get the rump of their dreams. In the state of Florida, some impatient and arguably insane females have chosen to eschew board certified plastic surgeons and instead, enlisted the help of a transgender woman to give them a new behind.

The surgeon wannabe injected their butts with  -- are you ready?  Fix-A-Flat --yes, the stuff in the can that can re-inflate a flat tire temporarily so there is no need to put on a spare or donut tire.

At least one woman wound up in the hospital for infections resulting from the Fix-A-Flat injection which also contained cement and mineral oil and a finishing touch of Super Glue to seal the injection site. While doctors have informed the victims that they might not fit into their favorite pair of jeans for awhile due to "swelling", there is an upside:  their butts will last at least 50 miles before it goes flat again.

Fake MD Arrested For Injecting Cement Into Lady`s Butt! Baby Got Back! Most guys give a wide berth to a woman with junk in her trunk; if a "Baby got Back" comes our way we tell her to back that booty out of here.