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Published:November 21st, 2011 10:51 EST

Madness Down Under: Aussie Pooch Drives A Mobile Home

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A dog allegedly was spotted driving a mobile home down the street in Darwin, Australia, after learning how to drive by observing his owner, observers claim.

Woodley, a 2-year-old German Koolie, allegedly took the mobile home for a spin while his owner, Richard McCormack was in a store."



In the Land Down Under it`s not unusual for a Dingo to steal a baby, a man to wrestle a crocodile, or a kangaroo to go bonkers in a supermarket.

If the pooch had been driving a Jeep the jaded Aussies wouldn`t have batted an eye, but a canine driving a freakin` mobile home down the street will get anyone`s attention.

This story may not have had a happy ending if a bystander hadn`t jumped in an open window and hit the brakes. I don`t know who`s the bigger hero: The amazing mutt driving the mobile home or the dude who stopped the mobile home dead in its tracks.

The dog wasn`t hurt, let`s hope that the damn pooch will be in a kennel when he joins his master for a drive.

Of course this being Australia it`s possible there was no pooch driving a mobile home; you can`t rule out that a bunch of drunks decided to make up a good yarn.

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