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Published:November 22nd, 2011 15:04 EST

Best Video Of All-Time: LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem'! Everyday I'm Shuffling!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is my favorite song by the grunge band Nirvana. The sonic masterpiece incorporates a loud and quiet dynamic, that Nirvana copied from "The Pixies."

`Spirit` perfectly captures the angst of the 80`s, Cobain`s lyrics are almost undecipherable and unintelligible. As a writer I hate to say this, but the lyrics are almost superfluous. Cobain`s shrieks perfectly conveys his despair and alienation.


I`m not a huge fan of music videos, I feel that videos are a marketing tool, and that a great pop single should stand on its own. But I was blown away by the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit"; it`s low production values and seedy vibe compliments the record.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" has been my fave video since it was released in 1991, but I recently saw a video that`s nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece.

"LMFAO`s `Party Rock Anthem` is a parody of the 2002 horror film 28 Days Later. The opening caption explains that Redfoo and SkyBlu both fell into a coma due to `excessive party rocking`, and that their single was released the following day. Following the caption "28 DAYS LATER", both Redfoo and Skyblu are seen in a deserted hospital, waking up from their coma in a style similar to that of Cillian Murphy`s character in the original film. Mickey Finnegan, director of the video, described the concept: "The concept of the video, there`s been an epidemic, the world has gone crazy, as soon as the song came out, everyone got possessed and all they want to do is to shuffle, everyone is a shuffler."


In a couple of decades we`ve come a long way: From angst-riddled loners to freakin` zombies. We have no free will! We are controlled by the one percent. Life is meaningless. We are nothing but zombies. We go through life shuffling away the blues. Everyday we don`t prepare for the future. Everyday we don`t try to make a difference! Everyday I`m shuffling!

Watch this video and you might stop shuffling for a few moments:

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