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Published:November 22nd, 2011 13:24 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews W.C. Hewitt, Author of Deceit

Judyth Piazza interviews W.C. Hewitt, Author of Deceit

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

W.C. Hewitt is a Canadian author from Hamilton, Ontario. A historian and Titanic enthusiast, he holds a deep regard for the history of the turn of the last century with the birth of modern civilization when mankind lost it`s innocence.

Studying human nature, while working in the public sector, he draws on his experiences to create believeable characters in a time of marvel and mayhem. Elizabeth Brunnette was born to represent a symbol of those times.

About the Book

Ace reporter Andrew Hoyle is given what he thought was the assignment of a lifetime but, he never expected to be whisked into the depths of political intrigue. The raising of the remains of R.M.S. Titanic from its watery grave miles beneath the North Atlantic would be the key to opening up a door to a not too distant past.

Found in the decaying structure would be a lockbox that would eventually lead to a series of long lost diaries written by Elizabeth Brunnette. Selected to infiltrate a nefarious organization of radical foreigners led by a German fanatic named Lenin, she is forced to take action with the help of Christopher Ryan, and expose the diabolical plot before it is too late.

Her story would outline the unsuspecting deception behind the troubled demise of the grand ocean liner and the involvement of a vulnerable British Intelligence. The cream of capitalist society is innocently huddled aboard a ship watched over by the Grim reaper and only Elizabeth Brunnette and Christopher Ryan can save Titanic.