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Published:November 22nd, 2011 13:29 EST

Two Million Year Mystery: Graveyard Of 75 Fossilized Whales Found In Chile

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Chilean scientists together with researchers from the Smithsonian Institution have begun to unearth one of the world`s best preserved graveyards of prehistoric whales in the hopes of finding out how these bus sized animals wound up in the same corner of the Atacama Desert in Chile.

More than 2 million years ago, scores of whales congregating off the Pacific Coast of South America mysteriously met their end."

Human beings are pathologically curious, we spend untold hours researching esoteric subjects and mysteries like UFO`s, Big Foot, the Illuminati, and why Herman Cain has a penchant for wearing a Derby hat that you will usually find sitting jauntily on the head of a pimp.

I spend hours each day investigating serious subjects that I plan on writing about, but I still make time to read an article or two about ghosts or the Mayan calendar. I don`t feel guilty or feel that I`m wasting my time, it`s human nature to try to solve mysteries.

Here`s a mystery that will keep you up all night trying to solve: How did these majestic and intelligent creatures meet their end some two million years ago?

The most plausible explanation is that they became disoriented and beached themselves. It`s not uncommon to find a whale on a beach, who is either sick or became disoriented. But in modern times we  have never seen dozens of whales beach themselves at the same time. So far the fossilized remains of more than 75 whales have been found in this one location in Chile.

Some scientists believe that the whales may have become trapped in a lagoon by a hurricane or a landslide, and others argue that the magnificent behemoths may have died there over a period of thousands of years.

I would like to hear from my readers, the highly educated as well as regular Joe`s like me, what do you think? Please share with the SOP readers your idea.

Click the Fox News link to see a slide show of the whale fossils.

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