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Published:November 23rd, 2011 11:13 EST

Burglar Left Himself Logged Into Facebook On Victim's Computer! Oxygen Thief!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Georgia said they were searching for a burglary suspect who allegedly left himself logged into Facebook on his victim`s computer.

Gwinnett County police allege Trevor Jones, 34, left his car running in the driveway of a home he burglarized near Norcross Nov. 15, and homeowner Stephanie White returned while he was still inside and took his keys and wallet, which contained his identification, from the vehicle,"



I commend the homeowner for having the courage and presence of mind to grab the keys and the wallet from the burglar`s getaway vehicle.

After been forced to leave his car behind at White`s house Trevor should have realized that he can`t pull off a successful caper with the rotting cabbage that he calls his brain.

But Trevor broke into a second home that same day, and this time the moron left himself logged onto Facebook on his victim`s computer.

Jones was on parole for a previous burglary charge, I`m sure this prince of a man will soon be caught. What ever happened to three strikes and your `e out, this fool should be sentenced to a life term.

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