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Published:November 24th, 2011 10:35 EST

Christians Are The Worst Tippers! Would Jesus Stiff The Server?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A $10 bill is a joyful sight for a server. But when one waiter went to retrieve such a note out from under a diner`s plate recently, he reportedly noticed something curious. The tip it provided wasn`t monetary, but took the form of advice. `SOME THINGS ARE BETTER THAN MONEY,` it said on the back,`"like your eternal salvation, that was brought and paid for by Jesus going to the cross.`"


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A person of faith expresses the reality and efficacy of his religion by the way he conducts himself on a daily basis. If the words don`t match the deeds, we turn a deaf ear to these proselytizers.

I don`t mind a person sharing his faith we me, as long as he does it in a respectful and intelligent manner. But leaving a religious tract that looks like a $10 bill under a plate for a waiter, is a cruel and wicked trick.

Some things are better than money, like treating hard-working servers with respect, and giving them a nice tip. A server who gets stiffed by a self-righteous religious freak, isn`t going to look too kindly on the dogma that the person who left left the phony ten dollar bill is hawking.

It`s no secret in the restaurant business that evangelical Christians are the worst tippers. Most servers try to avoid working Sunday morning when church lets out and all the stingy Christians swarm the restaurants to indulge in their favorite sin: Gluttony.

Dear Christians, most waiters only make around $2.65 an hour, please leave them a healthy tip. WWJD?

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