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Published:November 24th, 2011 22:50 EST
Ukrainian Teenager Killing Stray Dogs by Torture

Ukrainian Teenager Killing Stray Dogs by Torture

By Ernest Dempsey

One of the most terrible cases of sadistic killing of dogs has surfaced in Ukraine in the form of a 19-year-old guy who is hunting stray dogs to capture and kill them by putting them through most brutal torture. The killer named Alexey Vedulu is said to have killed over 100 dogs and puppies by various torture-filled methods. He is still at large and doesn`t care about law, which in his part of the world is too loose to scare him into sparing dogs.

Alexey Vedulu started posting photos and videos of his victim dogs on the Internet in October 2011, and attracted attention of animal rights activist. However, his story has not been covered by any major media source.

According to authorities in his city of residence Kiev, Vedulu was injured by some stray dog in his childhood. Since then he has been obsessed with revenge on dogs and is now a compulsive dog killer. He plans new methods of torture-killing dogs by discussing with friends. Killing helpless dogs is his cruel obsession.

A petition has been created to get Vedulu arrested and prosecuted for brutal, gratuitous killings of dogs. The petition urges the Ukrainian President to take notice of Vedulu`s crimes and order his arrest before he can spell more innocent blood.