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Published:November 25th, 2011 11:59 EST

Obese Man Gets Time Off Jail Sentence For Losing Weight

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida man earned nine days off of his 29-day jail sentence by losing 25 pounds during his stay behind bars.

George McCovery, 37, who had been convicted of driving with a suspended license, accepted a deal from Lake County Judge Donna Miller to spend his first 20 days in jail losing weight and then have a day removed from the remainder of his sentence for each pound he had shed, the Orlando Sentinel reported Thursday."



McCovery went from 345 pounds to 320 pounds; his wife should demand that he stay behind bars until he loses 150 more pounds.

I commend the judge for thinking outside the box, this is an excellent idea. Everybody wins, the criminal loses weight, and the state of Florida saves a lot of money. It`s expensive to keep a criminal behind bars, every non-violent offender should have the option of being released early if he loses weight.

McCovery was released in time for Thanksgiving -- bad move by the correctional officers. It doesn`t take a rocket scientist or a fitness guru to figure out that McCovery is going to gain back those 25 pounds over the holiday.

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