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Published:November 25th, 2011 11:28 EST
The Web Bot Project and Scientific Opinion

The Web Bot Project and Scientific Opinion

By Ron G Anselm

The Web Bot project is really like an up and down trend when it comes to how much people tend to keep their interest in learning more and more about this new phenomenon. Over the past three or so years there has been more and more information on the Web Bot project available on the Internet and various other sources. Some people have taken an interest in learning more and more about it and the predictions that are supposedly going to occur at the end of 2012 and that is the prediction the world and time will end.

But, how true are these predictions made by Web Bot? Let`s first take a look once again since it has been some time since my last article I wrote on this on how the Web Bot project works. The way I look at the Web Bot project and the operational way it works is in more of a mechanical context. First, Web Bot was first developed in the late 1990s as a way to predict the stock market ups and downs and trends. I guess someone was trying to compile data for a period of time on the stock market and the many different stocks to be able to pinpoint the one stock that they would probably hit big on by forecasting and using median business analysis.

The mechanics of the Web Bot project work in a systematical approach. First, Web Bot crawls the internet the same way Google crawls it at regular intervals to catch new and existing web sites and detect relevant keywords. Web Bots do it just a little differently: While search engines are just indexing the Web and creating a Web directory, Web bots are looking for trends with the keyword relations they find. It searches for keywords standing out in a web document but also take in consideration the content preceding and following the keyword. This data is then analyzed by a linguistic tool to determine the meaning if there`s any.

Second, taking a look at the way Web Bot finds the relevant information we put in reality (when web bot predicts an event to happen we tend to analyze what web bot predicted and put to an event that just happened and link the two as if web bot really did predict the event that just happened).

So, let`s link together a correlation here in what I just discussed. If Web Bot crawls the internet to find keywords in various pieces of information and many different search engines then all that information Web Bot is finding and analyzing is nothing more than man made information. The information that is put in the internet in articles, stories, information people and companies etc. is put in my humans. Like the old saying goes, the information put in is only as good as the sources putting that information in. Or, something like that.

How can Web Bot be able to predict future events or natural disasters on its own? Unless Web Bot crawls the same domain on the internet and in that domain there would have to be tons of information put in by humans on one event like a natural disaster or whatever and the domain would have to have many different opinions on that upcoming future natural disaster (in other words humans are predicting it to happen not Web Bot. Web Bot is only analyzing the data put in by humans on that one event) which would mean tons of different information but still focused on the same event. Web Bot would then take all that information like many pieces to a puzzle, put the analyzed information into one main event and analyze it into say a natural disaster that is supposedly supposed to happen from all those different opinions from that one domain. The information Web Bot would analyze is still man made and put in by humans. There are no magic or secret forces out there putting the information on the internet the information is manmade and put in by humans.

Putting all this together in simple terms, can Web Bots predict things? In my opinion yes, it can predict anything like who`s going to possibly go to the Super Bowl this year, or maybe being able to predict when the next terror plot may happen are all things that are more realistic. There is more and more information available now on the internet as there was three or four years ago on Web Bot because this is due to the fact that more and more people out there are becoming more and more interested in this with 2012 nearing and that means more and more articles and information is being written on this and put on the internet. It`s not some magical force is adding this to search engines and internet domains.

To sum this up, if the end of the world is really going to happen at the end of 2012 then that is going to be made to happen by a higher power not some magical force. As we all know and especially for some of us we have found out the hard way the last few years with the collapse of the economy and other events that in life there are things we have to accept that happen beyond our control and other things we cannot control that we just have to accept. If the world is going to end in 2012 so be it. I can`t flip a magical switch to stop it. Once again, if the world is going to end it`s not web bot causing it to end or some other forces behind the prediction it will be and would have to be a higher power to cause this. I am not one to believe in things that don`t have factional information to back it up. I do tend to at least give a little on this and believe that some things out there that are really far-fetched could be true to a point but again for me to say that whatever that may be is really a reality I would still have to research it and find facts to support it.

From the scientific opinion the anxiety about Web Bot predicting future events leading up to the end of the world in 2012 is just analyzed information put in by people. I think Web Bots can be useful in other ways and will probably be used for other things in the future not used to predict the end of the world.

Then, again you have the ones out there with the vivid imaginations that still believe that there are magical forces behind Web Bot and all the predictions by Web Bot will come true. It`s really up to what you believe. I guess by the same time next year we will find out if we will be sitting at the dinner table sucking down that turkey Grandma just made for Thanksgiving? Or, will we be just molecules of air because Web Bot was correct on predicting the end of the world and it did become a reality.