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Published:November 26th, 2011 12:07 EST

Pot Grower Avoids Jail Sentence, Due To Poor Quality Of His Weed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Prosecutors in Sweden said a man on trial for growing marijuana was spared jail due to the low quality of his plants."


This dude must have been relieved that he avoided a prison term, but as a horticulturist he must have been devastated that his pot was not up to par.


Potheads may not know jack about about current events, mathematics or just about anything else, but they are experts when it comes to potology. The stoner will probably need therapy to get over the fact that he doesn`t know anything about growing the holy herb.

If this clown was a seller as well as a user, nobody is going to put marijuana from him again. Who the heck is going to buy a joint from a joker who was spared jail because his weed was of poor quality?

The pot grower, whose name wasn`t released, is probably looking to score some dank to get over his humiliation.

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