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Published:November 27th, 2011 11:01 EST

Hottie Stands On Street Corner In Bikini And Pumps In Bid To Find Her Pooch

By Robert Paul Reyes

When a beloved pooch runs away from home, the owner will do everything in his power to find him. The owner will put an ad in the newspaper offering a reward, and he will plaster every telephone pole in his neighborhood with posters of his missing pet.


But a San Diego woman, Arlene Corono, has taken a novel approach to locate her missing companion. The drop-dead gorgeous Corona donned a string bikini and pumps and stationed herself in a street corner holding up a big picture of Chippy her dog. Corona plans on standing at the street corner in her bikini and pumps every day until somebody finds her pooch.

Arlene,  honey, dudes will remember every curve of your body, but they won`t remember if Chippy is a tiny poodle or a Great Dane.

I commend this beautiful lady for thinking outside the box, but her approach is destined to backfire. If I found Chippy I would adopt him, why would I return him if it meant that Arlene would stop standing in the street in a bikini?

If Arlene were 35 years older, then her plan would have an excellent chance of success. If a wrinkled old lady announced that she would stand on a street corner in a bikini until somebody found her mutt, the men in her neighborhood wouldn`t go to sleep until they found her damn dog.

As a dog lover I`m conflicted, I hope the hottie finds her pooch, but I want to see more pics of Arlene in her bikini.

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