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Published:November 27th, 2011 11:45 EST
NPP Chief Condemns Killing of Pakistani Soldiers

NPP Chief Condemns Killing of Pakistani Soldiers

By SOP newswire2

Prof Bhim Singh, Chairman NPP & Member of NIC while condemning US dadagiri bombarding and slaughtering of 28 Pak Army soldiers in a brutal, inhuman and illegal drone attack yesterday, described the act as a total infringement of UN Charter & International Laws.

The NPP Chief reminded Pakistani leaders of the deceitful behavior of the USA which once upon a time claimed to be a dear friend of Pakistan. He called on the Pak leaders to stop aiding and abetting the US financed and Armed terrorist against India. Instead, he counseled Pakistan to shake hands with India for the well being and prosperity of the brotherly nations. He said this is only way to save Indian subcontinent from the scourge of Anglo-American Imperialism.

Prof Bhim Singh also urges Dr. Manmohan Singh to review the present situation around the sub-continent and warn the US Emperors to dissuade from disturbing peace of the sub-continent.

The US attack on Pak territory and killing Pak soldiers can`t be justified by any dignified and peace loving nation.