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Published:November 28th, 2011 12:36 EST

Amsterdam Airport Vending Machine Sells Welcome Banners

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ever wanted to meet and greet your loved ones at the airport to be sure they don`t miss you in the crowds?

Then try Amsterdam`s Schiphol airport, which now has the world`s first vending machine capable of printing out personalised giant canvas banners in just a few minutes."



Have you ever seen a flunky at an airport holding up a banner with the name of a VIP? Ever wish some dude were holding up a sign at an airport welcoming you?

Now your friends can buy a banner at an airport vending machine and welcome you in style! When the passengers in the terminal see your friend holding up a banner with your name, they will think you are a big shot.

But even if you aren`t an egomaniac, it`s a good idea for your loved ones to buy a banner with your name, it will make them so much easier to spot in a crowded terminal.

This being Amsterdam, there are probably also vending machines that dispense marijuana.

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