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Published:November 28th, 2011 12:49 EST
Why Did Holly Bobo Drop Off the Map?

Why Did Holly Bobo Drop Off the Map?

By SOP newswire2

Is the Holly Bobo Investigation `LOST IN THE WOODS`?

I live in Tennessee and have a blond hair, blue eyed daughter that is in her first year of nursing school. She and Holly Bobo look alike from a distance. I can`t even imagine what her parents are going through and our prayers are with them. Anyway, I`ve been following this case and like most parents, I`m very disappointed in the progress so far. 

It`s like she dropped off the map. I watch enough of the detective and forensic shows to form an opinion of what might have happened, and they are all pretty scary. I`ve always thought that it had to be someone who knew her or her family. Then I thought it might be someone who was already getting ready to leave the area and took her with them.  

Now, people are trying to tie some of these other cases together and it`s got me to thinking once again. The idea of a short haul trucker is starting to make sense except for the fact that the women seem to have been stalked and their routines were very well known. Now I`m thinking that it might be someone who travels for some type of sales or service and spends maybe a few weeks in each area. That would allow for the stalking and then disappearing without a trace.  

I`m sure that others have thought about this scenario but this is the first time I`ve seen away to respond and I thought I`d put in my thoughts. I certainly hope that these parents and loved ones can get some answers soon. 

May God Bless

From a Concerned and Frustrated Parent